Maxmar Group founded in 2008. under the name Maxmar Sport which it operated until the end of 2014.By changing the structure of ownership and gain ownership of companies Te-mik i Bonaventura at the beginning of 2015. Business continues under the name of Maxmar Grupa.

Maxmar Grupa is a leading Croatian and regional company, leader of the criteria of quality, competence and innovation, and a reliable and recognized partner in the private and public sectors.High standards of business of our group have been confirmed by ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, as well as our presence to all important seminars,trade shows, professional conferences and presentations from the whole domain of our activities.

Maxmar Group bases its business on the core values of professional relationship with the customer, creating a safe and healthy work environment, teamwork, certified products and services.

Maxmar Group has years of experience in these industries, largest capital of our companies is knowledge, expertise, competence and experience of our employee, which can be compared with the biggest and most important companies of its king in the world. Our group is working with the worlds best manufacturers of equipment and materials and has all the necessary resources for successful implementation of the most challenging projects.

Our rich experience, precision installation and attention to detail is what sets us apart from others.

We are proud that Maxmar Group is the only company in the region that possesses the FIFA Quality Pro certificate for making the field of artificial grass.

Maxmar Group operates within the following activities:

The construction, equipping and maintenance of sport facilities – natural and artificial turf, running tracks, golf courses and tennis courts, badminton and volleyball courts, a sport hall and ballons, sport flooring, acrylic coating, equipment of sports fields, lighting, etc.

Horticulture and irrigation – landscaping, parks, herbs and plants, design landspace, irrigation systems of large green areas and sport courts.
Construction – design and supervision, municipal works, all kinds of works in construction, paving, drainage systems, water supply and sewage.
Equipment– overall furnishing and interior decoration, floor and wall coverings, modular (computer) floors, mats for residential and business premises, suspended ceilings and others.
Urban equipment, childrens parks, outdoor fitness–childrens playgrounds, outdoor fitness parks, adventure parks, rock climbing, dogs park, anti-stress mats, benches and tables for parks, shelters, etc.
Machinery and equipment – sales of utility tractors, machinery and equipment for maintenance of sports facilities.

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Naziv tvrtke: Maxmar Grupa društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za usluge i graditeljstvo
Skraćeni naziv tvrtke: Maxmar Grupa d.o.o.
Sjedište tvrtke: Repulčeva 6, Klinča Sela
Nadležni sud: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
Temeljni kapital: 20.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti
Banka: Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.